Reiki, Chakrea Clearing and Angel reading in Glen Parva, Leicester

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Angel Therapy

What is Angel Therapy?


We all have Guardian Angels, some of us only one, some of us more than one. Our Guardian Angels are with us from conception until death, they are here to help us along the way, to give us the intuitive nudge to go in a particular direction, or not.

We can call upon our Guardian Angels at any time to assist us with any aspect of our lives and they will help and guide us, but we need to be listening, to be aware of their guidance. I can help you to start communicating with your Guardian Angels and establish the best form of communication for you. I also communicate with other Angels and Archangels along with Fairies, Ascended Masters, Goddesses’ and other spiritual beings.

How will we start to communicate?


We will work with Oracle Cards to start communication with your Guardian Angels and other spiritual beings. You should come prepared with a question relating to an area in your life that you want clarified or healed. The readings will consist of 2, 3 or 4 cards from the pack that you have chosen. You will ask your question, either out loud or to yourself, it doesn't matter which as the universe will hear your thoughts as much as your words. I will select the cards from the deck and then read to you the message on the cards and give you more details regarding the message and what it could mean. After the reading I will send you an email with details of your card reading so that you can review it at your leisure.

The sessions will be held at my home in Glen Parva or can be carried out over the phone, see the Session Prices page for more details and please feel free to contact me to book a session or if you have any questions.

Working with your Angels


We all have Guardian Angles, whether we realise it or not, they are with us constantly, ready and waiting to help us along our life’s path. Angels carry messages from us to the creator, their name means "Messenger of God", and they love everybody unconditional, they are egoless beings and are not associated to any one religion.

Working with the Archangels


Archangels are the managers of our Angels and Guardian Angels, and oversee their work with us. There are fifteen main Archangels, eight of which we will deal with in our everyday lives, some of them more than others. Archangels are limitless non-physical beings so they can be with many of us at once, they are able to help anyone who calls on them simultaneously, so do not feel that you are ‘bothering’ them if you ask for help.

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